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Initial Client Meeting – Get to know your builder and understand their core values and philosophies. Let the AuthenTech Homes Team introduce ourselves, answering any questions you may have. It is important for us to understand you as a client and start visualizing the home you want to build, determining what house plan can work on the lot you have purchased. We will gladly walk the lot with any prospective client, discussing what is needed in order to make the home you desire, work with your lifestyle and your budget.
Preliminary Budget Proposal – Once preliminary plans have been discussed and decided upon, Authentech Homes will prepare a preliminary budget outlining the estimated cost of building your house. This preliminary budget is an estimated cost only and a formal budget will be prepared if the client is satisfied to move forward with plans and detailed specifications.
Plans & Specifications – Start designing your home! Our designer will provide a preliminary floor plan and style of house you are interested in, that will fit on the lot purchased. During the planning process, AuthenTech Homes will guide the client to determine the specifications for the desired finishes, features, and functionality of the home. The features and components will then be consolidated into the start of final plans, subject to the first part of the deposit required.
Budget and Permits – Getting the city involved. Once we have received formal plans, Authentech Homes will start the budget and permit process. The budget process involves sending copies of the plans to our trusted preferred trades and suppliers for quotes. If the quotes are not satisfactory, AuthenTech Homes will return, re-negotiate, or search elsewhere. The plans will be submitted to the City’s Building Department for permits to build a house. All the paper work is prepared by Authentech Homes, including the follow-up dialog.
Budget Review – Once all quotes have been received, Authentech Homes will arrange a meeting with the homeowner to review the budget. Every item involving the house will be discussed. At this time changes can be made to the budget to accommodate the homeowner’s needs. Once the budget has been reviewed and agree upon, a contract will be produced between the homeowner and Authentech Homes. Authentech Homes will then commence building. At this time an additional deposit will be required.
Trade/Supplier Review – The homeowners will spend a day with Scott (President of Authentech Homes), visiting the trades and suppliers for their new home. This will involve choosing the style and design of most items involved in finishing the home.
Confirmation of finishes & colour selections – As the process begins, the homeowners will need to choose finishing’s and colour for their new home. Authentech Homes provides an Interior Designer at no extra charge to assist the homeowner in making style and colour decisions. The homeowners will meet personally with the designer who will correspond throughout the building process to ensure that the proper selections are being made.
Budget/ Invoice review – During the building process the homeowner and Authentech Homes will review the budget regularly. Each time the homeowner will have an opportunity to review all invoices pertaining to the house and review the overall budget. These reviews are done at Completion of Foundation, Framing, Drywall, Substantial Completion, and then Final Completion. At each review of the budget the homeowner will be given an invoice of billing to date.
Shovels in the ground
Site Review – This takes place prior to excavation. Items to be discussed include placement of the home, setbacks, elevation, retaining walls, tree removal, utilities.
Framing – After framing is complete the homeowners will meet at the house and discuss items such as back frame details, plumbing (hose tap placement, etc.), hvac (fireplace finish, etc), and Cabinet layout.
Electrical – We will meet the electrical trades at the home in order to determine electrical placement, lighting placement, audio requirements, etc. At this time we will follow up on any previous discussion relating to the framing walk-thru.
Final Walk – A final walk through will be done with the homeowner a few days prior to move-in date. At this time we will review with you all the details of your new home, how to properly maintain your home, and make a note of any deficiencies that need to be dealt with. The deficiency list will be sent to the appropriate trades for them to follow up. Authentech Homes has a dedicated service rep to exclusively follow up on any deficiencies and ensure they are dealt with in a timely manner.
One Year Service Walk Thru – After the first year of possession, AuthenTech Homes will arrange a time to meet with the homeowner to check on the home and deal with any service items. Again, this list is sent to the appropriate trade to follow-up on.
Warranty – Authentech Homes provides a 2-5-10 Travelers Guarantee Warranty. This fully transferable warranty will be registered with house upon completion.
At AuthenTech Homes we take on all the responsibility so you as the future homeowner can sit back and enjoy the Process.

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